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Collaborate: To work together with others to achieve a common goal.

When setting up my company back in March 2010, I needed to do some paperwork for all kinds of registrations (taxation and other authorities). While the papers were not difficult to fill in, one part seemed to halt the process: What would be the company name?

My company offers training and coaching for Agile/Lean, team work and cross-cultural copperation in workplace. I tried to think something about agility and adaptivity (“Inspecta” — taken, “Adopti” — sounds like adopting babies) but could not get anywhere.

Then it struck me: I am passionate about getting people work together! That’s it, everything I teach and coach is about cooperation and collaboration. My company would be a collaboration-oriented training and coaching firm.

Oh, but then why did I mis-spell the name (“K” instead of “C”). Well, basically to have something unique and also emphasize that I come from Finland. We don’t use C’s in our language, so “Kollabora” looks Finnish.

I plan to write my experiences in this blog: my observations from trainings and coaching and interesting findings from books and other resources.

Have fun

Coach and Trainer at Kollabora

p.s. A sidenote about Finnish people trying to use English. Back in 1980’s one rockband became very popular in Finland. They were called “Hurriganes”. Years later, an interviewer asked why they mis-spelled “hurricane”. The lead singer said “What, mis-spelled? No, I think that’s how it’s written”.

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